Convert a pdf to a printable booklet layout.

What it does

This converter takes a pdf and reorders the pages so it can be printed as a booklet.

1 2 ... 7 7 2 6 4 1 3 5
Example conversion of a 7 page pdf with last page as a cover page.

Note that the resulting booklet always has a multiple of 4 pages. If the pdf does not have a multiple of 4 pages the resulting booklet will have empty pages. These empty pages will be inserted at the end of the pdf. Should the last page be a cover you can set the above checkmark to ensure these empty pages will be inserted before the cover page.

The conversion process requires that all the pages in the pdf are of the same width. Some pdf formats (such as an encrypted pdf) are not supported.

If you are having trouble you can try another browser (this was build and tested using Firefox and Chromium) or create an issue on the issue tracker.


This page and its source is hosted on gitlab. It is based on the pdf-lib (license) library and is styled using the a11yana (license) classless css style.